7 Crazy Expensive Watches that costs more than a Lamborghini

Crazy Expensive Watches
Crazy Expensive Watches

As if cars were not expensive enough, the price of these expensive watches will make your jaw drop, your cat cry and your purses relinquish in anguish.

Watches are commonly known for doing one purpose: Telling the time. But with Expensive people come extra luxury and pretty expensive things and watches are not left out.

These expensive watches are known for their ridiculousness in pricing and also famous for their makers and very rich buyers. Here they are below in no particular order.

Crazy Expensive watches


 1. Hublot Black Caviar Bang – $1 million.

Looking like something Tom Cruise brought from the future, the Hublot Black Caviar is heavily priced because of her covering in 501 baguette-cut black diamonds and 18-carat white gold. She has been a charmer as a very expensive watch since her release in 2009.



2. Chopard Super Ice Cube . $1.1 million.

When Swiss (the watch makers) decides to go crazy, they harvest 60-karats of diamonds cut into perfect cubes and lace them unto a watch/bracelet. The Chopard Super Ice Cube is also know to be water and scratch resistant. The only question is Why is the queen of England not wearing this expensive watch?



3. The Patek Caliber 89 – $5,120,000

The Patek Caliber is probably one of the very expensive watches that require a degree in mechanical engineering to understand. Going for over 5 million U.S dollars, if you manage to come across this watch within a five mile range, you better stand up to greet her.



4. Patek Philippe Platinum World Time . $4 million.

Can your wrist watch tell the time of 25 different countries at once?…No! The Patek Philippe Platinum World Time can.  It was sold at an auction in 2002 for over 4million United States dollars and is said to be the only one of its kind. A rare breed.

5. The Breguet Marie Antoinette – $XX,000,000

Designed by Breguet himself, the Antoniette is made up of 823 individual pieces, more than your iPhone. It’s self winding, has a minute repeater, equation of time, perpetual calendar, power reserve indicator,  jumping hour, and a bimetallic thermometer. I’m sure it can probably install Whatsapp and send tweets to. It took 44 (fourty-four) years for Breguet and Marie Antoinette to complete it…they even died before they did. Sadly, the original watch vanished into thin air but was re-produced by Swatch when they acquired Breguet using only the images of the original masterpiece. Breguet has however refused to sell even despite receiving numerous offers within the eight digit range.


6. Patek Philippe Super Complication . $11 million.

This pocket watch made by Patek Philippe for banker Henry Graves Jr. in 1933 is 18 karat gold and took five years to design and build. The Patek Philippe Super Complication just as the name goes displays 24 extra features (or you can say complications) beyond just telling the time. This was one of the most complicated watches ever made and sold at an auction.


7. Vacheron Constatin Tour de I’lle . $1.5 million.

Designed and Manufactured by Swiss manufacturer Vacheron Constantin in 2005, it was released to commemorate the manufacturer’s 250th anniversary. With 18 karat gold, this watch has a blue sapphire non-reflective glass and is two (2) sided. One of the very uniqe features she possesses.