iPhone 8 Just Got Leaked! Checkout Price Of The Most Expensive iPhone Ever



In this article, I will cover the price and the phone specifications and lots of information for Apple’s flagship “iPhone 8”. The new iPhone has a stainless steel covering, a longer power button, a dual vertical camera on the rear and a front and back glass design, looks a bit thick and chunky but still sleek.


After Apple’s recent patent granted for Bezel-Less Display and Touch ID, it is speculated that the touch id for the iPhone 8 will be positioned at the rear of the phone according to a research conducted by CLSA. With an improved 3D sensing augmented reality camera to be designed by LG which will enable the FaceTime camera to 3D model your face to unlock your phone and TSMC making the actual chips; A11 chips in the phone, the iPhone 8 is highly possible to adapt the wireless charging feature which is already a selling technology in the market.


A JP Morgan analyst confirmed that there will be improvements in the stereo-sound and the earpiece, meaning the actual output sound of the iPhone 8 is going to be better not ignoring the advancement in the water-proofing features of the earpiece as this is a down-side of the iPhone 7, the phone will also have an improved water-proof mechanism, making it capable to sit in a 5 ft well for 30 minutes.


Apple has invested so much in the durability of it’s flagship product, the corning gorilla glass ($200m) making it possible to withstand 80% impact at 5 ft drops, it is however uncertain that Apple will use official corning gorilla glass 5 in the iPhone 8 but Apple has over the time been using corning glass but just markets it as dual-iron glass, it is a safer bet that the upcoming corning gorilla glass 5 will be used in the iPhone 8 to ensure durability.


The iPhone 8 will possibly start at 128 GB and a price of $999 and quickly surpass $1000 with the 256 GB option at $1099 making it the most expensive iPhone ever sold. Apple will include air pods in the iPhone 8 package which officially sells separately at $150, this is also a reason for the hiked price.


According to inside sources, production is set to start in June, and the launch alongside iPhone 7s in September with the release in October, the good news is that iPhone lovers wouldn’t have to wait till December or next year to grab the iPhone 8.